My favorite spots in Amsterdam

For those who don’t know yet, I am born and raised in Amsterdam. A few years ago I moved to Diemen because it’s simply expensive and hard to find a home in Amsterdam. Luckily I moved back to Amsterdam in march this year (2020). Since there’s nothing written about Amsterdam on my website yet, it’s time to share some of my favorite spots with you. Are you travelling to Amsterdam in the near future? I am happy to give you some tips and recommendations! Reach out to me via e-mail, Instagram or ask your question below this post.

Restaurant: De Japanner
This cozy restaurant is known for it’s small, Asian based dishes and a variety of delicious beers and Japanese sake. De Japanner has three locations: De Pijp, Oost and West. I went to the one in De Pijp this summer. The concept is based on Japanese Izakaya, small bites and dishes in a small but cozy restaurant. Their menu changes regularly which makes it nice to go back more often. The amosphere is relaxed and the waitress and waitresses know what to advice you. When I went to the Japanner I ordered the salmon sashimi, which has a really rich flavor and the oysters as well. Overall the sushi is really good, it has a fresh taste and an “explosion” of flavors! Make sure you order a beer or sake with your dish, their drinks menu is very extensive with lots of beers I haven’t heard of before. De Japanner is a must when visiting Amsterdam, if you ask me.

Café: P96
This café is definitely my favorite in Amsterdam. I’ve been coming to this cafe since I was sixteen or so, this is also because my brother worked here for a long time. This café is located on the Prinsengracht, number 96. That’s why it’s called P96, this café had been here since 1975 and has this old, cozy, dutch ambiance. There’s a wide choice of draft and bottled beers and when it’s Kingsday (koningsdag), a typical Dutch holiday, this is the place to be! Make sure to grab a beer and a snack on their lovely terrace, which is located on the boat in front of the café. Enjoy!

Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Bloemgracht, Brouwersgracht, Spiegelgracht and so on ..
Amsterdam is, of course, famous for it’s canals, we call this ‘grachten’ in Dutch. So one of the things you really have to do is stroll around for a day or so. Discover all the beautiful houses, boats, canals and bikes. Stroll around and start, for example, at the Prinsengracht. Be surprised by the many cafes, cute boutiques and luxurious canal houses. Stop by at the 9 straatjes, here you will find many gift shops and more.

Restaurant: Pikoteo
I recently discovered this restaurant which is located in De Zeeheldenbuurt, near Het IJ. Pikoteo is a Spanish tapas restaurant. The restaurant opened it’s doors in december 2015. The restaurant doesn’t serve the “standard” tapas, these dishes have a more luxury twist. Old and new dishes are combined into a lovely experience and great flavors. Nice to know: the two owners from Pikoteo are from Madrid and Amsterdam. We started with some fine cheeses and bread. You should really try the calamaris, it’s a different calamaris that you problably haven’t tried before, it’s served on a small wrap and the flavores are just indescribable! The ‘tuna in the clouds’ is a very soft and delicious dish, served in a bowl of smoke which gives the tuna a smokey taste. If you love tapas like I do, and you’d like to try a different twist of tapas, make sure you go to Pikoteo when visiting Amsterdam!

I wrote this article myself, based on my own experiences.

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