Looking back on 2020, looking forward to 2021

2020 was a tough year. Despite the fact that I didn’t had te chance to travel as much as I wanted in 2020, I’m still looking back on the destinations I did visit. Thereby I had a lot of time to overthink my travel plans for 2021. In this article I will look back on the good and look forward to the better; new travel adventures.

In february, before covid hit The Netherlands, I traveled to Edinburgh. What was supposed to be a weekendtrip (fri-su) ended in a midweek. I couldn’t leave Edinburgh because of bad weather conditions. In the end I flew back to Amsterdam via London on wednesday instead of sunday. Little did I know this adventure would be my last flight that year. Luckily I was able to visit Glasgow by bus because of the delay. I got to visit two countries in one visit! Edinburgh was everything I imagined and better. I really can’t wait to visit this beautiful city again! Glasgow was a surprise and it had such good vibes. I really had the best time here!

Because we really needed a break from home we went to Maastricht for two nights in july. We visited this city five years ago and had really good memories of this trip that we wanted to visit Maastricht again. We had such a wonderful time and slept in an instagrammable hotel; Hotel The Dutch, which was located in the middle of the centre; Wyck. We drank a lot of local beers, ate the best tapas and sushi and we walked many miles. Maastricht is just an hour drive from to Liège, where we stayed one night in a lovely Airbnb. Lie`ge was different from what we expected, it was small and there were not as many bars/restaurants as we hoped for. Nevertheless it was nice to visit this city since it’s so close to our country. We had the best waffles and Belgium fries!

During summer we were able to travel with conditions. We decided to travel by train instead of the airplane, since our trip to Porto was canceled in june and we didn’t want another cancellation. We wanted to visit Düsseldorf in Germany for a while now and this was the best time to visit for us. Because it was a while for me since the last time I visited Köln, I really wanted to combine these two cities in one trip. Luckily the trains from Amsterdam to Germany run very often and the tickets aren’t that expensive. We had a really good time and were away for five nights in total, during this trip wearing a mask was required but that didn’t stop us from exploring and wandering around. The restaurants, bars and shops were open and that was all we needed to have a good time. The funniest way to move around in the city was bij hiring a scooter, which is very easy, we downloaded the Tier app to use these scooters.

Since our country was going back in lockdown again we were not able to travel somewhere else then our own country. Also bars and restaurants were shut down again. Therefore we decided to visit some beautiful places in The Netherlands like The Veluwe. I discovered beautiful hiking spots and I “rediscovered” Amsterdam, I mean, I took the time to make some pictures and walked a lot in my own city. Which was very nice, especially because I haven’t seen Amsterdam so empty like this before. For the first time I was able to take pictures from empty streets and canals.

2021 is over and I can’t tell you how happy I am because of it. I’m hoping for better things in 2021. And like anyone else I really hope that the vaccin will help us to get around more and be able to travel to various places again. I had enough time to think about new travel destinations and trips. Below you can read more about my dreams and goals for 2021.

In the beginning of 2020 I planned a trip in Taiwan for three weeks to see all the highlights and hidden spots. I really hope that we can visit this beautiful country in October this year! I really want to visit my friends in Antwerp again so I would love to book a hotel in this city to have lovely dinners with them and discover my previous hometown (I have lived here for 6 months). Since my trip to Vienna was canceled twice in 2020, I will try to book another ticket to visit this city. Vienna is on my bucketlist for a while now. They say it’s one of the savest cities to travel solo as a woman! Bratislava is close to Vienna by train so I will visit this city as well during this citytrip. I really want to go back to London with my bestfriend this year, since we were not able to travel to London last year. I try to visit London each year and trains are running directly to the city from Amsterdam since 2020. I hope to visit some other cities during a citytrip like Gdansk in Poland, Hamburg in Germany, Stockholm in Sweden and sunny Malta! A lot of wishes, I know and I don’t think anything will be possible this year but at least I can dream of new adventures again. Let’s hope for the good, travel more and discover new places! What are your travelplans for this year? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

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