Awesome places to stay

Traveling can be quite hectic. “Coming home” after a long day of walking and sightseeing always gives me the best feeling! I always try to book modern hotel rooms or apartments. When I am away for several weeks/months I try to book a combination of hostels, hotel rooms and Airbnb’s, some old, some new and some more expensive than others. In this article I will tell you something about my previous stays and I will show you some places which are on my “to-stay-bucket list”.

forest factory loft in Ljubljana
While staying in Ljubljana for the weekend I wanted to book an apartment with a comfy couch and small kitchen to prepare some breakfast. The apartment I booked was really affordable, close to the city center and the interior was just awesome. I stayed three nights in this Airbnb. This place even has a sauna which was an absolute plus for us! We enjoyed the sauna after a long day of walking. This apartment is called the ‘Forest theme’ and the landlord has some other apartments for rent in the same apartment block. For example there’s a ‘Deer factory loft’, ‘Fall factory loft’ and ‘Tropic factory loft’. Have a look at the landlords Airbnb page to see which apartment suits you, they all look so adorable!

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Number of persons: four guests (sleeping couch + bed)
Price: €90,- per night (we paid less, about €50,- per night, depends when you travel)

Historical and modern combined in krakow
While staying in lovely Krakow for the weekend I bumped into this lovely apartment online. I was immediately enthusiastic and didn’t want to stay anywhere else but here. I booked this apartment up front via their own website, BOOM APARTMENTS. There are five different apartments for rent. They are all equipped with a small kitchenette and the design is just beautiful. Each room is designed by someone else and you can really see they put their hart and soul into these rooms. I’ve booked room number #3: Sainer. We booked this room because of the insanely cute painting on the wall, the dog and the kid. We booked the room including breakfast, which was delivered on our doorstep every day, in a paper bag. The breakfast was very extensive with local products. The only downside in this apartment were the curtains, which were white and see through. Therefore, bring your sleeping mask if you can’t sleep in daylight like me.

Location: Krakow, Poland
Number of persons: two guests
Price: €70,- per night including breakfast

25 HOURS HOtel the circle in cologne
Last summer we went on a trip to Cologne and Düsseldorf. Before we went I heard something about hotel chain 25Hours. I really liked the design of these hotels so I decided I wanted to stay in these hotels, luckily Cologne and Düsseldorf both had a 25Hours hotel located in the city center. The name of the hotel in Cologne is The Circle, each hotel has it’s own name besides 25 Hours. Other locations are: Berlin, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wien, Zurich and more.
The moment I stepped into the hotel room in Cologne I fell in love with the design, the ambiance and colors. This hotel is a MUST when visiting Cologne. The Monkey Bar is also a must visit when staying here, it’s located on the 8th floor of the hotel and the terrace gives you a beautiful view over the city. The hallway is also super awesome, it’s decorated with a space man. And did I already mention the elevator?

Location: Cologne, Germany
Number of persons: two guests
Price: €100,- per night excluding breakfast

Authentic cottage in the forest in belgium
While searching for lovely places to stay, before the lockdown took effect, I came across this cute little house. Located in the forest in Vlaanderen, Belgium. I saved this one because I really want to spend a relax weekend here, as soon as the borders open again. The house reminds me of the fairytale Hans and Gretel, except the candy is missing. The house is nearby a natural park and just 20 minutes from Antwerp. Sounds like the best combination; nature and city close by.

Location: Vlaanderen, Belgium
Number of persons: 2 guests
Price: €95,- per night

Picture: Airbnb

wooden house in wonderful nature
I really love wooden houses and a minimalist design. This apartment, located in Jægerspris, Denmark is the perfect combination of both! Located in nature with water nearby you can really experience the peace and serenity of this magical place. I’ve only been to Copenhagen so far but Denmark sure is a dream to me. I would really like to experience the Denmark life, good food, good company and of course Hygge!

Location: Jægerspris, Denmark
Number of persons: 4 guests
Price: €108,- per night

Picture: Airbnb

These recommendations are not sponsored and based on my own experiences and interest. For questions please leave a comment or contact me via social media.

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