Need to know and nice to know when traveling to japan

In this article I will tell you more about Japan. Things you really need to know before traveling to this country and things which are really nice to know when traveling here.

Need to know

  • Japan is very neat, residents of Japan are the best in separating waste, for real! Make sure you do the same as you will get a fine for separating waste the wrong way.
  • Public transport never arrives late and never leaves late. And if they do (even it’s a 20 seconds delay, they will tell you). Make sure you arrive on time when you have to catch a (bullet) train.
  • You can’t always pay with your credit/debit card. That’s why it’s a must to always have cash with you while traveling. Most of the time you can pay your hotel room/hostel etc. by card. But if you want to buy something, food for example, make sure you have enough cash with you. It’s also considered rude to tip any waitresses.
  • Make sure that you speak quietly in public spaces in Japan, for example in the subway.

Nice to know

  • Not everyone speaks English but they will always try to help you. And (road) signs are almost always in Japanese and English.
  • Japan is considered as being one of the most safe countries worldwide, which makes it an easy choice to travel solo as a woman. But of course you always have to avoid any situations that might be (a bit) “dangerous”.
  • Japanese toilets are the future! This might sounds strange but when seeing a toilet in Japan, a whole new world opens up. These toilets are featured with the most unexpected innovations. I’ll leave the rest to you to discover ..
  • Indulge yourself in 7-Eleven. They sell really good food, the coffee is marvelous and they even sell Michelin star food, for example instant ramen.
  • Don’t judge a restaurant by it’s appearance. We had the best diner in the smallest restaurants which didn’t look fancy at all. The people work very hard, are always polite and let you try different local dishes and they will prepare it in front of you. I loved every minute of it!

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