Instagram tips and tricks #1

As a frequent traveler and blogger I am a huge fan of Instagram (of course!). Instagram’s algorithm changed a lot lately. In this blogpost I will tell you more about the platform and the best way to use it based on my personal experience.

#1. Make sure your bio has a perfect “first impression” of you or your business
There is room for 150 characters in your bio, this may sound like a lot but in just a few sentences your bio is “full”.
Start with you name and the purpose of you page, this can be your business, handle, hobby, etc. Make sure you always mention your website as a clickable link. Instagram allows you to only fill in just 1 link so choose the one you want to direct people to. Mention contact info or type “DM me to get in touch” for example, if you want people to know how to get in touch with you. Use symbols/emoticons to spice up your bio if you like. I always use symbols from this website, simply cut and paste the one you like in your bio. Symbols give your bio that extra touch!

#2 Profile picture
Make sure you use a recent photo of yourself. Try to avoid pictures with other people on it. I try to change my profile picture every season. A summer photo in summer and so on. Just because I like to, but you can decide for yourself of course.

#3 Consistency in your feed
I always like consistency in my own feed but also in other people’s feed. For example you can post pictures with the same filter, most people create (or buy) their own presets to use on every picture they post. You can also choose to work in “groups”, for example your first 10 pictures consist of a blue vibe, like pictures on the beach. The next 10 pictures consist of a city vibe, buildings, coffeeshops et cetera. I, myself post 3 pictures of every city or country in a row. I never post 1 picture of one city and the next day from another. I always try to work in groups to keep my feed consistent and I try to work with different themes using different presets. You can use the Preview app to see how your feed will look before posting your pictures, this app is also great for planning pictures up front!

#4 The picture itself
Make sure your pictures and videos are sharp, well in-focus and especially YOU. Try to avoid being a copy of someone else, just be you! People follow you because they like you, the way you are, otherwise they would not be following you.

#5 The caption
The caption is almost even as important as the picture. Try to mix your captions and avoid telling people the same thing over and over again. The captions can be up to 2,000 characters long but only the first two sentences will appear in news feed without tapping on ‘more’. Best way to write a caption is to write the most important information in those two lines, but this can be hard of course. Your caption should be personal, relevant, informative, action, entertaining. Make sure to trigger everyone that reads your caption to open the following sentences by clicking on ‘more’.

#6 Hashtags
To gain more followers, likes, saves et cetera, a hashtag is your bestfriend! You can use op to 30 hashtags in a post. You can choose to place the hashtags in your comment (make sure you are the first person to leave a comment when you do). Or you can place your hashtags in the caption of the picture you’re posting. Try to avoid using hashtags with over 100.000 posts, your picture may not be seen when searching on this hashtag because many people use them. Instead, choose less used hashtags, this way people will find you much easier!

#7 Share your newest post in stories
Make sure you share your newest post in your stories. Therefore people will know you posted something new and are curious to check it out!

#8 Engage with your followers
In order to get more followers, engaging with them and potential followers is key. Respond to reactions from others on your pictures but also comment on photos of others. You will be much more visible when reacting on other ones photos. Also, many companies will like it if you engage with your followers. So it can be a good thing if you want to collaborate with companies as well.

This article is the result of my own research and experiences with Instagram.

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